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Cats for Rehoming - Animal Samaritans Bexley, please call Maxine or Emma

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Rehoming cats - we are rehoming in line with government guidelines. All meetings with cats are completed via conversations with their fosterers and videos and FaceTime.

Home visits will be completed virtually with photos / videos.

All of our cats are £120 donation - this includes neutering, vaccinations (if a restart is required this includes the 2nd vaccination at our vets) microchip, full vet check and flea and worm treatment.



Queen Sassy - 15 year old female 
Poor Sassy came into rescue after her owner sadly passed away. Sassy has been nicknamed "Queen Sassy" as she is a regal older lady who as her name suggests, likes to sit and survey her kingdom. She likes a cuddle but will gently push you off with her paw when she has had enough. 

We have had full bloods completed and she has no medical issues. 

Sassy is looking for a quiet retirement home where she can potter around and be adored.

 She is used to a one bedroom flat so has been an indoor girl but could adapt to a garden. She would need to be an only cat and be in an adult household. 
£40 donation - Sassy has been neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, blood tested, flea and worm treated.


Beethoven - 18 months old, male.

Beethoven came into rescue after he was bullied by the cats that he lived with. He is deaf and will need an indoor only home or a catio.
Beethoven is like a naughty teenager, he loves to play and had a lot of energy. He needs a home where there is a commitment to play with him a lot and also help him with boundary setting, he needs firm boundaries as he can come a bit over excited when playing and rough. 
With the right boundaries, he is fine and his foster dad has had no issues. He came in with a horrible skin condition but now that he is on hypoallergenic biscuit, there are no issues at all with his skin.

Having said that, he is a cuddle monster and very friendly. He likes nothing more than a cuddle on the sofa.
He will need an indoor home with an adult or family with older teenage children. He also gets separation anxiety so needs a family who are around a lot and are prepared to interact with him.
He must be an only cat.
If you can offer Beethoven a home please get in touch.

We require anyone considering rehoming an Animal Samaritans cat meet the following essential Criteria.

· You are over 18 years old.

· You do not have children under the age of 6 in your home.

· If you live in privately-rented, housing association or council owned property you must provide a copy of written permission to have a pet from your landlord or agent prior to a home visit.

· You will be responsible for all routine and non-routine costs in relation to the cat (these include diet, annual vaccinations, six monthly worming and bi-monthly flea prevention).

Terms and Conditions for rehoming an animal


What is the process for rehoming an animal?  Please call the main number 0203 37 45 98 59 or email us and we will give you all the details you need to start the process.


What happens if I don't get along my new rehome animal? Animal Samaritans will always endeavour to take an animal back if the re-home is unsuccessful, but we may not be able to assist immediately as we would have to make sure that we have suitable fostering arrangements in place. 

Please note - Any donations we receive for animals that are rehomed are is NON-REFUNDABLE. Any intermediate expenses incurred from rehoming the animal may not be refunded.  


What is your fee for re-homing a cat?  We charge a fee which goes towards our costs, such as neutering, inoculations, worming. etc. This fee goes into the Charity’s central funds so that we can continue our work. The fee is NON-REFUNDABLE. You should consider taking out pet insurance to help with any future costs.

What is the home check for? We carry out home checks to make sure your home is suitable for one of our re-home animals to be safe and secure. We will advise you if we think changes need to be made to satisfy the requirements. Once these changes are made, we will be happy to place an animal with you. 


Can i apply to rehome a pet if I have children? We do not rehome to families with young children, (under 6) however, please consider helping in another way. Perhaps with a donation or sponsoring an animal until your children are older and re-homing is available.

Would you help with veterinary bills if I my circumstances change, and I was unable to meet the costs myself?  Animal Samaritans is here to help pet owners meet the cost of veterinary charges. Ask your vet to send by email to: a brief written report about the condition which requires treatment together with any follow-up procedures and the costs of the treatment, including medication either one-off or continual future costs. The Trustees meet regularly to consider requests for financial assistance and you would normally receive a decision with 28 days. If your request requires an urgent response, please ask the vet to include the words: ‘Urgent request’ in the subject line of the email.

I would like to foster animals for you. How do I apply? If you email us or phone our central number (0203 37 45 98 59) or email us, we will direct you enquiry to the appropriate re-homing co-ordinator. Once we have had a chat and carried out a home check, we will discuss with you the fostering process. We are always looking for good foster homes.