Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Birds & Wildlife

Martin and Sue are our resident Wildlife experts at the  Animal Samaritans family. They specialise in rescuing wildlife with a view to releasing them back into the wild.

  They have a wide variety of birds and animals that all need our love and care. We are currently helping them with food support and are fundraising for medical care equipment and vet bills .

We aim to Rescue . Rehabilitate . Release

We are often called by members of the public about an abandoned or injured animal or bird. We are never sure what we might find. Often the animal is scared and malnourished and catching them can be a task in itself. 
We receive most of our calls from the general public but often have vets call us for help when people take abandoned animals to the vet practice. As people have got to know us, people sometimes come straight to us with an injured animal.
Sadly, on occasion we have found animals on our doorstep, simply dumped in boxes. 

Once an animal arrives,  it will be examined and treated by one of us. If needed, the animal will be given veterinary treatment first.
The animals are often very confused and do not understand what is happening to them.
We then follow a programme of feeding, medical care and love to make sure each animal or bird is fit and capable of being released back into it's natural habitat.
It can often be a very long and costly process to rehabilitate and animal.
We aim to release as many of the animals and birds back into their natural habitat as possible. We  hope that they will go onto live long and happy lives. We love to see some of our 'guests' going on to have families of their own.
This is the best part of our job!

Sadly, some of our exotic animals and some of the domestic birds and too badly traumatised or have suffered life changing injuries and therefore cannot be rehomed. In these cases, we offer them forever homes with us at our Animal Samaritans sanctuary. 

The expense is ongoing and so we have started a plan for you to sponsor an animal or bird. 

Single Gift Donation

Single gift or donation – We are always happy for any donation big or small. Please send any donations to Animal Samaritans, PO Box 154, Bexleyheath, Kent DA16 2WS. Please make cheques or postal orders out to 'Animal Samaritans'

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